About Group Dog Training Classes


Pet Obedience Class

Here at the Ranch we offer group training classes hosted by our Certified Trainers in our indoor, climate-controlled training arena. Group classes are different from our Stay & Learn and Play & Learn programs because, in our classes, you actually perform the training under the supervision of our trainer.

We offer four levels of progressive obedience classes starting with a free training orientation. You will progress through the levels at your own pace. In this format, we will take you and your dog from basic obedience training through intermediate obedience training. For your convenience, we offer the classes during the day on Saturdays and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s okay if you can’t make it to class every week. Our classes are designed to allow you to miss when needed and not fall behind. You can enroll at any time, come when you can, and graduate when ready.

Therapy Class

Join us on Wednesday nights for our therapy dog preparation class!

This class is designed to prepare you and your dog for everything you will encounter, not only during your evaluation to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team, but also while out working as a team to provide therapy to those who need it.

Note: This is a slightly more advanced class and is not recommended for beginners. Dogs must be at least 1 year of age, and be able to demonstrate basic obedience skills in order to participate in the class. If your dog has a “CGC” certification, received within the last year, this will be sufficient proof that your dog has an understanding of the basic obedience skills needed. Otherwise, a basic obedience assessment will need to be conducted by one of our trainers. We are looking forward to guiding you down the path to success, and helping you become the best team you can be!

Canine Good Citizen Prep

This class is designed to familiarize owners and their dogs with the different exercises in the Canine Good Citizen test. We will walk you through each exercise in a positive, fun and instructive environment while also discussing some skills that will help you and your dog be successful when testing.

Note: There are no prerequisites for this class other than attending a private Consult or Group Orientation.

Puppy Socialization

Learning manners is important, but so is learning how to play well with other dogs. During our puppy socialization times, one of our experienced trainers will supervise and facilitate the interactions between your puppy and his new friends. Helping your puppy learn to play nice and helping you to read your dog’s behavioral signs will allow you to advocate for your dog in different situations.

Note: Owners must have completed a Consult or attended a Group Orientation before participating.


Dogs of all ages and experience levels are welcome to participate in protection classes. We offer training at every level and in multiple styles. From sport dogs to personal protection and law enforcement, our training utilizes techniques such as drive building with rags and tugs up to complex scenarios including full bite suits. Let us show you what your dog is capable of.

Note: A Private Consult with the class instructor is required to join this class. The instructor reserves the right to ask any person to leave the class if the dog does not maintain the level of obedience required.