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Have you been driving past Carolina Ranch and wondered what the facility has to offer you and your pets? Don’t be afraid to ask or schedule a tour! We are always available to give general information of The Ranch, including boarding, daycare, veterinary, training and grooming services.

We've resumed in-person tours! Tours are available Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 2:00pm and must be scheduled. We ask that there are no more than two guests on the tour.

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On a computer (you may have to try various web browsers), hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse to change your view. Right mouse click on any arrow to move forward in that direction. On a mobile device, use your finger or stylus to change your view. Touch any arrow to move in that direction.

Holiday Hours

Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital & Resort is dedicated to our boarding animals 365 days a year. Our lobby hours may reflect limited or unavailable holiday hours as they arise. Check our Holiday Hours page to plan your next visit, or ask a Ranch Representative for more information.

Holiday Hours

What questions should I ask at my first vet visit?

You should ask the following questions at your first vet visit

  • Is my pet in good health? 
  • Are there any recommended checks and immunizations my pet should have? 
  • What health issues should I look out for based on my pet’s breed?

It is also good to ask a vet about their recommendations on how much activity your pet should get and the type of diet they need. To find out more about what you should ask at your first vet visit, contact us today.

What does a vet check up consist of?

A vet check up can vary depending on the type of pet you have, but it will usually consist of a visual and physical check of the following: 

  • A check of the heart and lungs. 
  • An examination of the abdomen and legs.
  • An examination of the pulse and lymph nodes. 

In the visual examination, your vet will look at your pet’s fur, eyes, nose, ears, teeth and mouth. If they notice any abnormalities, they will ask you questions about your pet to determine what may be causing the issue. To learn more about what a vet check up consists of, call us today.  

What happens at your first vet appointment?

At your first vet appointment, you can expect the vet to do the following: 

  • Weigh your pet and take its temperature.
  • Perform a visual examination of your pet. 
  • Perform a physical examination of your pet. 
  • Ask you questions about your pet. 

As your veterinarian checks your pet, they will ask you questions about your pet to gain an understanding of factors they can see or are unable to see. For instance, they may ask you questions about your pet’s appetite and energy level. To find out more about what to expect at your pet’s first vet appointment, give us a call today.

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