Private Dog Training Gives One-On-One Attention

Private dog training lessons are offered throughout day and week here at Carolina Ranch.

Private lessons are designed specifically for you and the goals that you have for your dog. One of our skilled trainers can meet with you one on one or with your entire family.

During a typical private lesson, we begin by training your dog in front of you as we introduce the exercises to your dog and get the ball rolling. As we train your dog, we also teach you the steps of each exercise and then coach you on how to become your dog’s new in-home trainer.

Topics That Private Dog Training Can Help Address

  • Puppy raising and imprinting

  • Crate training

  • Obedience: Sit, Stay, Down, Come When Called
  • Teaching children to properly handle dogs

  • Aggression

  • Basic Manners

  • Focus
  • Confidence Building
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