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Sports & Performance

Comprehensive Performance Training for Your Dog

Intro to Agility

This outdoor class is designed for dogs and handlers who desire a primer in the sport of agility whether for fun or competition. The primary focus is on introducing your dog to all the standard obstacles and building confidence.

Pre-Requisites: None needed but must be relaxed around other dogs.

6 week course              Tuition: $155

Agility I

Now that your dog knows how to interact with all the obstacles, it is time to focus on the human. You will learn many handling skills and practice five different way to cue your dog.

Pre-Requisites: Intro to Agility Graduate or trainer approval

6 week course       Tuition: $155

Continuing Agility

Now that your team is communicating clearly and comfortable with the obstacles, you will navigate sequences and full courses. Master advanced skills and compete against your classmates.

Pre-Requisites: Agility 1 Graduate or trainer approval

6 week course      Tuition: $155

Tricks I

Tricks I: Does your dog like to show off? Do you like to show off your dog? Do you want to build an amazing relationship with your dog? Then this Trick Dog class is for you! You and your dog will learn many tricks including how to high five, kiss, crawl, front feet up, and tunnel. On the last night of class, you can take the AKC Novice Trick Dog test and really show off your skills.

Pre-requisites: None needed but must be relaxed around other dogs.

Class Duration: 4 weeks            Tuition: $110

Tricks II

Did you take Tricks I class or have your Novice Trick Dog title? Would you like to entertain people with amazing tricks and wow everyone with a show? You and your dog can be the star of the party! Retrieve the mail, close a drawer, open up the refrigerator, carry mom’s purse, or balance a cookie on the nose are just some of the showstoppers you can master in this class. Take the AKC Intermediate Trick Dog certification test at the end of the course and get your TKI title.

Pre-requisites: Tricks I or trainer recommendation. Over 6 months of age. All dogs for this class must be non-reactive around other well-mannered dogs.

Class Duration: 6 class sessions        Tuition: $155


This 6-week class will introduce you and  your dog to the competition sport of Rally. The two of you will navigate a course of 10-20 signs, working together to build leash and communication skills. Whether you want to compete or are just looking for a challenge, you will work on:

  • On leash skills
  • Off leash skills
  • Teamwork
  • Relaxing around other dogs
  • Prepare for AKC Virtual Rally

Pre-Requisites: None needed but must be relaxed around other dogs.

6 week course        Tuition: $155

K-9 Sports Sampler

Want to have fun with your dog, but feel that dog training is boring? Do you have a dog that has the basics of sit, down, stay – and wonder what’s next? Carolina Ranch has the answer: the K9 Sports Sampler!

This 8-week class will introduce you and your dog to some of the current dog sports as well as improve your existing teamwork, confidence, and communication. We will provide a taste of 5 different dog sports that will enable you to define what interests you and your dog the most: Agility, Obedience, Tricks, Rally, and Scentwork.

  • Agility – a sport where dogs and handlers negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock to earn titles.
  • Obedience – a sport where dogs are trained and conditioned to behave well at home, public places and in the presence of other dogs while earning titles. Advanced obedience includes lots of behaviors including scent discrimination, directed jumping and hand signals.
  • Tricks – High 5, Shake, Give a paw, Hug, roll a soccer ball, spin, twirl, fetch, roll over and back up are just a few options of tricks to teach. Games/Tricks are fun for dog and handler alike AND can earn titles!
  • Rally – a sport where the handler reads signs, and performs the activities with their dogs, building companionship, understanding, earning titles and having fun.
  • Nosework - a sport where pups use their amazing sense of smell to find specific odors similar to work done by profession detection dogs.

Pre-requisites: Dogs need to be comfortable in a group class setting and not reactive with dogs and people.

7 week Course       Tuition: $175

Intro to AKC Scentwork – Joy of Sniffing

Let your dog use their amazing sense of smell to find specific odors similar to work done by professional detection dogs. In this 7-week class, Q-tip swabs are scented with essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. They are hidden and then the dog finds them and communicates to the handler. This sport is super fun for dog and handler. The first several weeks of classes are devoted to basic hunting (go find) skills.

Pre-requisites: None needed but must be relaxed around other dogs.

7 week Course       Tuition: $155


Do you have a herding breed dog but no livestock? Are you looking for something new to do with your dog? Treibball may be what you are looking for. Also known as Urban Herding, Treibball is a sport designed for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and breed types. Humans cue their dog to gather and drive exercise balls into a goal. Distance, time, and number of balls change to increase difficulty. It’s a great class for timid or reactive dogs as well. Whether you are looking to exercise your dog, another way to make memories with your best friend, or improve your communication skills, this is the class for you!

Pre-requisites: None

6 week Course       Tuition: $155

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