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Behavior Modification

Cooperative Care "Life Skills" Group Classes

  • Canine Confidence

Does your dog run & hide when you turn on the vacuum, move the trash can, or when a loud vehicle goes by? Does your dog move away, drop their ears/tail or bark when a person or dog walks by? This 4-week module is for dogs that are a bit nervous with new people, dogs, or our complicated world but can still take food and work together with their human, if provided with enough distance from the scary “things”. Not feeling safe is tricky for dogs and people! This class will focus on confidence building games and team building for the dog and handler. This is not a manners class, but instead uses a combination or exercises including tricks, basic fitness equipment, games, and puzzles to help the dog see that the work is not so scary. Dogs who are very fearful generally benefit from private lessons first.

Contact us (919.662.3200) for availability and pricing.

  • The Willing Participant

How wonderful it can be for your dog to participate willingly and allow you to trim their nails, treat their ears, wipe their eyes, towel feet, brush their teeth, and relax at station just to name a few possibilities! This 4-week module is to help you and your dog move from a “do it TO your dog” to a “do it WITH your dog” perspective.

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  • Happy Veterinary Visits

The focus of this 4-week module is to help lessen the fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) associated with veterinary visits for both you and your dog by preparing your dog at home for what is to come (car ride, lobby, exam room, veterinary exam, etc) and then practicing those skills here at The Ranch.

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  • Happy Grooming

Some dogs need more grooming than others; however, all of our dogs need grooming specific skills (stand relaxed on a table, step into a bathing tub/space, trim hair on feet/ears, brush fur, wiping feet, etc). In this 4-week module, the goal is to have these tasks be pleasant for both the dog and handler.

Contact us (919.662.3200) for availability and pricing.

  • Cooperative Care Sampler

Not sure which cooperative care class to start with? Dealing with multiple issues and need a high-level introduction? This 6-week sampler (Canine Confidence, The Willing Participant, Happy Veterinary Visits, and Grooming) is for both puppies and dogs plus their owners who want to help prepare them for the big life ahead. In this class, you and your canine will be able to sample each of the four categories above. Week 1 is an orientation for humans only, and we pull it all together in week 6, compiling and practicing the learned skills. Please complete the online questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to the first class.

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Behavior Modification (Private Lessons Only)

All behavior modification is done through private lessons with Lynn Rives. Private lessons specifically identify and work to diminish fear, anxiety, aggression, over-attachment, separation anxiety, resource guarding, growling, jumping, inability to listen to cues due to over arousal, and a myriad of other challenges. In addition, we can assist you & your dog/puppy with:

  • Fears & Phobias – some puppies (and older dogs) seem a little fearful at first, and over time, it gets worse rather than better. Often the dogs are so fearful/anxious that all they can do is hide, bark, or lunge and bark – screaming – that they don’t feel safe. Private lessons are the best solution to build confidence in these situations.
  • Walking on a loose leash – many dogs struggle with loose leash walking when they see people, joggers, dogs, children, etc. This focus is on teaching the dog that the scary stimuli actually predict marvelous treats through desensitization and counter conditioning.
  • Custom Solutions - Lessons are available individually or in packages to enable us to work on exactly “what makes my dog do THAT?”. Some complicated situations (multiple challenges) may require working in cooperation with your veterinarian.

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