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Behavior Modification

Special Training to Eliminate Bad Habits & Form Good Ones

Canine Confidence

Does your dog worry about the big world out there? Have you heard Fido growl if someone walks nearby? Is your dog’s body language showing fear (ears back, tail down, leaning backward)? Does your dog run and hide when you turn on the vacuum or if you move the trash can? You may have a cautious canine. This is a beginner to intermediate course for people who would like to help their dog become more confident when interacting with the world around them. This class will focus on skills for the dog, confidence building games and team building games for dog and handler. This is not a manners class, but instead uses a combination of exercises such as manners, tricks, basic fitness equipment, games and puzzles to help the dog see that the world is not so scary.

Pre-Requisites: > 6 months of age. Any puppy that is younger than 6 months will likely benefit most from a behavior evaluation by one of our trainers.

4 week Course (first class is an orientation without dog)

Reactive Rover

You’re out walking your dog when you see another dog approaching. Do you get tense, shorten and tighten the leash knowing that your dog is about to bark, lunge, growl or otherwise lose their mind? If barking, lunging, spinning and unable to acknowledge your existence is your dog’s reaction – you are not alone! We typically call this a ‘reactive dog,’ and while many times they are not truly aggressive to other dogs (and/or people), on-leash anxiety or frustration can cause an uncontrollable and very difficult situation.

This program is designed for you and your dog – you’ll both be students. You will learn management skills to get out of difficult situations, and the training skills for long term behavioral change. The dogs will have the opportunity to practice calm responses to other dogs in carefully-controlled situations. We will help your dog learn self-control, focus and that other dogs predict good things. Dogs will not greet/sniff with each other at any time as we’re practicing skills for seeing and passing other dogs on leash.

To enroll, please schedule a consult for a Behavior Evaluation (this session is ~1 hour) and request to join the Reactive Rover class. During the evaluation, we will discuss your dog’s history, ensure a group class is the correct setting for further training for your dog, learn foundations of behavior theories and practice core skills around a neutral dog.

Pre-Requisites: > 6 months of age. Any puppy younger than 6 months will likely benefit most from a behavior evaluation by one of our trainers.


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