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Dog Training

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Here at the Ranch, our training philosophy is simple:  We provide personalized training solutions for dogs of all ages!  Our goal is to help our clients build a healthy, positive, fun and mutually cooperative relationship with their dog. All of our training programs are designed using positive motivational techniques, clear communication and respect for both the pet and the guardian.

We follow and promote the position statements developed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) which recommends that training should focus on reinforcing desired behaviors with reward based training methods to motivate them rather than focus on using fear or pain to punish undesirable behaviors.

We offer a variety of training programs that have been developed to help you reach all of your goals with your dog – Whether it’s a perfect lap dog or a champion in the show ring. You can find more information on our program availability by selecting one of our Training Divisions.

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Personalized training solutions
for dogs of all ages

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When should you start obedience training for dogs?

You should start obedience training for dogs as early as just a few weeks old. Around 7-8 weeks, they should be able to pick up simple commands such as sit, lay and stay. It is good to start training your dog fairly young so that they can begin to build a foundation of commands that you can expand upon with their training later on. To learn more about getting your pet signed up for dog training classes, contact us today.

Is paying for dog training worth it?

Yes, professional dog training is worth it! Dog training is a great way to ensure that your dog follows commands quickly and stays out of trouble. While there are some basic commands and tricks you can teach your dog to follow, enrolling your dog in training classes can help them learn to be more obedient, correct their bad habits, form confidence, get into shape and so much more. Having a professional to train your dog is helpful in the long run for all types of dogs. 

At Carolina Ranch, our trainors know exactly how to make sure your dog feels comfortable in our environment and learns in a fun and engaging way. All of our programs are safe and effective and we always use positive reinforcement to help your dog feel rewarded and cared for while they work towards learning new skills and improving their mental and physical health. For more information on the various dog training classes we offer, contact us today!

What is the easiest breed of dog to housebreak?

Some of the easiest breeds of dog to housebreak are: 

  • German shepherds  
  • Boston terriers 
  • Labrador retrievers 
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Standard poodles 

These breeds are known for being easy to train and for their preference of maintaining a clean living space. To learn more about housebreaking your dog, give us a call today.

Training Programs & Resources:

Private Lessons

Private training lessons are designed specifically for you and the goals that you have for your dog. One of our Trainers meets with you one-on-one or with your entire family. In addition to hands-on training during your private lessons, you receive written training guides for each exercise covered as well as access to our online training video library. This provides success at both ends of the leash and confidence for the entire family.

Group Pet Training Classes

Here at the Ranch we offer Group Pet Training Classes taught in our indoor, climate-controlled training arena. Our Group Classes are designed for dogs of all ages and all levels of obedience training, from Puppy Socialization and Basic Obedience to Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Tricks and Therapy class. For your convenience, we offer classes seven days a week during the day and in the evenings.

Stay & Learn

This program offers the opportunity for your dog to work with our trainers while staying here at our Ranch. Consistent training in a controlled environment helps your dog to progress quickly to reach your training goals. You receive a Private Lesson for each week your dog trains with us. This allows us to teach you all you need to know to continue the training at home.

Day Training

This is a great option for those local to The Ranch! Drop your dog off in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am, Monday through Friday. One of our Trainers works with your dog to teach them what they need to know and then your dog gets to play with all their friends in our Dogwarts Daycare. (Don’t worry if your dog isn’t fond of group play. We can still provide Day Training without the social component.)

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