Doggie Daycare Is Fun, Social Play

M-F 7AM-7PM and Sat: 8AM-9AM drop-off & 5PM-6PM pick-up

Doggie Daycare is a great way for your pet to get exercise and remain socialized. Owners no longer need to worry that a dog is lonely or unattended at home while their owner is away. During a day of Daycare at Carolina Ranch, your pet will meet familiar friends and make new ones on a regular basis. The companionship you provide your dog at home is reflected by our Daycare staff. We get to know your pets on a first-name basis and make sure to fill you in on all the activities of the day.

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Enrolling your dog in a daycare program has several positive outcomes:

  • Healthy Pets – Your dog will get lots of great exercise under supervision
  • Calm Evenings – Most owners see a much more relaxed pet when they get home (our Daycare dogs are usually ready for a nap after a day at the Ranch).
  • Social Skills – Daycare participants are less likely to develop social issues

Daycare Requirements

There are a few things that are required of all our Doggie Daycare participants. We want to ensure the health and safety of all our Daycare friends, so these items should be on your checklist:

  • All dogs are spayed or neutered by 6 months old
  • On heartworm and flea prevention
  • Current negative heartworm test (age dependent)
  • Up-to-date on all vaccines
  • Up-to-date on fecal exam (internal parasites)
Daycare Pricing Options

Play Yard Amenities

The Carolina Ranch Doggie Daycare play yard is unsurpassed in the area. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 11,000 square feet of artificial turfed yard space
  • 5,000 square foot covered area
  • Two 12-foot outdoor fans
  • Remote-control water misting system
  • Multiple pool areas for large and small dogs
  • Designated yards for groups based on size and temperament
Holiday Hours


Here are the appropriate forms for owners to complete to start your dog’s Doggie Daycare experience! Print the Doggie Daycare Application and bring it when you arrive for your dog’s first day.

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