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Basic Dog Obedience

Have a Dog With Great Manners in Just a Few Short Weeks

Diamonds in the Woof – New Students or AKC STAR Graduates

This class is for graduates from the AKC STAR puppy class, or for new training pups over 5 months of age that desire some group training before entering the AKC Canine Good Citizen Class. It is also for any dog that has never participated in group training and wants to eventually take the Canine Good Citizen class/earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. Diamonds is a bridge to keep your dog learning and growing as they get ready for life’s challenges. It is also a terrific skills building class for all dogs over 20 weeks of age who need obedience basics.

  • Positive Reinforcement Training Methods 
  • Confidence Building 
  • Basic Manners 
    • Sit 
    • Down
    • Stay 
    • Come When Called
    • Handler Focus 
    • Loose Leash Walking
    • Problem Solving (jumping up, etc) 
    • Training FAQs
    • Handling Techniques
    • Positive Veterinary Visits

Pre-requisites: Dogs must be comfortable in a group class setting and not reactive with dogs and people. Other classes are available for fearful or reactive pups.

7 week course (first class is an orientation without puppy) Tuition: $155

Diamonds in the Woof (Levels l, ll, lll)

These classes are for dogs who have graduated from a basic group class or private lessons who are comfortable in a group setting and ready for new challenges. The addition of increasingly difficult distractions, increased duration of behaviors and additive distance are introduced in these classes along with life skills (waiting at doorways), “leave it,” sitting politely for petting, go to place, and positive veterinary visits are covered.

6 week course         Tuition: $155

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AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

The focus of this class is on strengthening the relationship between owner and dog by increasing communication skills while teaching basic skills. Positive reinforcement techniques are applied toward the Canine Good Citizen goal. Students will learn to effectively read dog body language to improve communication with their dogs. Dogs learn to sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, come when called, walk on a loose leash, calmly greet a person and calmly pass by another dog. This is a good follow-up class to a manners or obedience class. Clicker/marker training methodology will be taught in this class, but it is not required. At the end of the course, students are invited to take the AKC CGC test at no additional fee.

Pre-Requisites: All dogs for this class must be non-reactive around other well-mannered dogs. Dogs behaviorally challenged (environmentally reactive to dogs/people) will be directed to private lessons.

7 week course         Tuition $155

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