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Medical Policies

Prescription Policy

Carolina Ranch veterinarians can only write prescriptions for current medical patients who have had a wellness exam within 12 months and have updated any tests or bloodwork that are medically necessary for the refill of certain medications. 

We understand that ordering through an online pharmacy is convenient, which is why we offer an online ordering system that is safe, secure and reasonably priced for you and your pet. Products purchased through our online pharmacy are backed by the manufacturer, unlike most of the other online options (Vetsource is the only industry-approved veterinary Home Delivery service). If you are interested in ordering through Carolina Ranch’s trusted online pharmacy, please visit our website and click the "Home Delivery Service" button on the home page or for a direct link type in your browser.

Our veterinarians are also happy to accommodate your prescription request with a written prescription that you should be able to have filled at a pharmacy of your choice. Our veterinarians feel an obligation to let you know that they do not recommend purchasing medication from Internet pharmacies that are not FDA Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, which ensures the medications you receive are not counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly formulated or improperly stored. And while pharmacy certification is very important, it still doesn't verify the source of the products.

For these reasons, our veterinarians will not email, fax, or call in prescriptions to any online pharmacy other than Vetsource.

Transportation of a Patient Policy

Imagine an ambulance bussing a patient from one hospital to another. At Carolina Ranch, we offer medical transportation. Should you choose to use our practice’s shuttle transportation service for your pet’s benefit and convenience you must consent to have your pet transported to another veterinary facility for ongoing or more intensive care and/or observation. Please be advised that:

  • Our veterinary practice’s transportation service is not a fully equipped ambulance service.
  • The vehicle used is not equipped to provide full medical treatment or care to your pet during transport.
  • The employee of our veterinary practice who will provide such transportation is not capable of providing medical treatment or care for your pet during the travel period.

You also must acknowledge that you have been advised that the employee(s) of the practice who will provide this transportation service will use a vehicle owned by either the veterinary practice or their own to provide this transportation and hereby consent to such action.

Finally, you must agree you have been advised and consent to the fact that your pet will be transported in a cage, unless they are too large, in which case they will be restrained via other appropriate means. You accept that your pet may be transported with other animals in the vehicle (each in individual cages or separately restrained).

We will ask you to agree to the following: 

"I hereby accept that the transportation of my pet to and/or from the follow-up veterinary facility will be at my own risk and that this veterinary practice is not responsible for the choice of or quality of medical care rendered after my pet arrives. In the absence of negligence, I agree to hold this facility and its employees and agents harmless from any and all injuries or medical deterioration that might occur during this transportation."

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