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Puppy’s Second Vet Visit

Puppy Visit Overview

Yay! You've made it to your pup's next vet visit! Just to recap, here’s what to expect at each veterinary visits at Carolina Ranch. Between 8 and 16 weeks of age, we’ll want to see your puppy every 3-4 weeks. At each visit, we'll do the following:

  • VACCINATIONS – Your puppy’s doctor and nurse will give the appropriate vaccinations based on age and lifestyle.
  • INTESTINAL PARASITE PREVENTION – We’ll perform a fecal test at each puppy visit so please bring a stool sample to your puppy’s appointment. We’ll also deworm your puppy at each visit.
  • PREVENTIONS – We’ll ensure your puppy has the appropriate heartworm and flea/tick prevention for their weight at each visit.
  • EDUCATION – We’ll provide handouts and educational information to help you and your puppy navigate puppyhood successfully.

Puppy Guide

Click here to review the Puppy Guide from Puppy's First Vet Visit.

Training Classes

We have a wide variety of training classes available at Carolina Ranch. For your puppy, start with the AKC Star Puppy class (for puppies 7-18 weeks of age) which covers many fun topics including:

  • Confidence
  • Socialization
  • Positive Veterinary Visits
  • Basic Manners (sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking)
  • Lots More – problem solving, training FAQs, handling

For a list of classes and start dates, click here.

Food Puzzles & Food Games

A tired puppy at the end of the day makes life easy for everyone. Mental exercise is as tiring as physical exercise so using your puppy’s daily food allotment for food puzzles and games is a great way to achieve that golden quiet evening! Read our blogs for more info on food puzzles and food games.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help cover veterinary medical costs when your pet needs it by reducing the financial burden of unexpected expenses. Check out the following Pet Insurance Companies for more information:

Need Financing? Apply Online!

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