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Pet Nutrition

Nutrition Is An Important Part of Pet Care

A complete and balanced diet is fundamental to optimizing health and longevity in both dogs and cats. Proper pet nutrition throughout your pet’s life is not only potentially preventive for many health challenges but also a vital part of a therapeutic plan should health concerns arise. Other than affection, food is often the only thing that is provided to our canine and feline companions every day, often multiple times per day. The veterinarians at Carolina Ranch are deeply committed to maintaining and enhancing quality of life through individually tailored dietary recommendations.

Clinical Nutrition Services Include:

Nutrition Counseling & Education

There are so many diet options on the market that it may make selecting the best diet for your beloved companion difficult or even impossible. New diet options are being launched nearly every day and just as many opinions being voiced by experts. It is not uncommon to feel paralyzed in the nutrition selection process. This discussion will help guide you in deciding what is the best food for you to feed your companion and deciphering what is a food fad or food fact throughout all life stages.

Customized Weight Loss Plans

The most common significant health challenge facing dogs and cats in the United States is being clinically identified as overweight or obese. More than 50% of canine and feline companions are at risk for developing serious illnesses due to excessive weight. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, liver problems, urinary disease, skin disease, digestive problems and joint deterioration are not uncommon. Studies have shown that pets with a lean body weight live longer, healthier lives. Weight loss plans are customized to the individual to maintain and build lean muscle mass while minimizing annoying food-seeking behaviors.

Critical Care/Disease Management Nutrition

Pet owners and veterinarians often collaborate on the nutritional support for a companion with health challenges. However, at times the dog or cat with special health needs may refuse to follow this best laid plan. Whether your beloved companion is currently in the hospital or is receiving outpatient care, nutrition is vital.

If they are not eating or not eating enough, their recovery will be prolonged and place them at higher risk for malnutrition. This often leads to additional health challenges, undesired complications, and ultimately a shortened lifespan. Our veterinarians can determine if a nutritional intervention is necessary.

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