Grooming is just a fancy bath, right? Absolutely not! Bathing accomplishes the basic tasks of cleaning your pet’s coat and trimming nails and cleaning ears. While a good bath goes a long way, grooming provides those extra measures designed to really pamper your pet. Grooming also provides services not available with a traditional bath. Our groomers can deshed your pet to remove loads of fur from the undercoat. Not only does your pet enjoy the deep brushing and massage, you will enjoy the incredible decrese in the amount of fur your pet will shed.

Grooming also offers special shampoos and scents to give your pet a unique experience.

The most obvious difference in bathing and grooming is the ability for groomers to cut fur. If your pet is suffering from matting or staining, groomers can trim or shave the affected areas to give your pet relief. Some breeds have standard cuts that help identify them. If you have one of these breeds (Airedale, Poodle, etc.) a groomer will know how to provide these special styles.

If you are wondering if grooming is right for your pet, check with our Customer Care staff during your next visit. It’s likely our groomers will be here too, ready to answer any questions you may have.