Carolina Ranch Has Options For Pregnancy Testing

Canine pregnancy doesn’t have to be such a mystery with guessed due dates or surprise litter counts. We have the technology to determine when your dog will deliver and how many puppies you should expect.


Pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound can occur as soon as 25 days post ovulation or 30 days post breeding. This is a noninvasive procedure that allows us to visualize the uterus and the fetuses. It also enables evaluation of the heartbeat, the placenta and the health of the amniotic fluid. It is not as accurate to count fetuses using ultrasound, however it allows for early detection of pregnancy.

*This is at no-charge if consultation and timing is performed with Carolina Ranch.


Radiographs (X-Rays) are not helpful in pregnancy diagnosis until a minimum of 45 days into pregnancy, which is when the skeleton has started to mineralize. Without timing, this can be very difficult to determine. Radiographs are recommended for accurate puppy counts, however. Ideal timing for a count is one week before whelping.

Relaxin Testing

Relaxin testing is a blood test that can be performed to determine if the bitch is pregnant. The test is able to detect a hormone, Relaxin, which is produced by the developing placenta. It is recommended that the blood sample is drawn 28 days after breeding, so it is not any earlier than ultrasound for confirmation. This test is helpful, however, is determining the difference between pseudo-pregnancy and pregnancy.