Make the right things easy, and the wrong things difficult

Ray Hunt

Dog Training Philosophy

Our reliable and winning formula of training is rooted in the three training fundamentals of: Timing, Motivation and Consistency. These fundamentals create what we like to call Engagement between you and your dog, which produces “First-Time Obedience”. You will find that you will become connected to your dog in a way you never thought possible as they look to you for love, leadership, exercise, direction and recreation.

We believe dog training is much more than just teaching your dog to follow commands. Training your dog is about clear communication, leadership, structure, education, socialization, balance, bonding and FUN! Not only do we train dogs, but we educate you and your family on how to better communicate with your dog, strengthening the family unit. All of our programs strive to give you one thing: a superior trained dog that you are able to take anywhere you want.

For your convenience and success we have fully stocked the Ranch with quality training aides.

  • Leather training leashes
  • Herm Sprenger training collars
  • Premier brand training devices
  • Frozen training food
  • Training pouches
  • Pet Cot brand Climb benches