Train Your Dog While Boarding in Luxury

Our Stay and Learn program offers the opportunity for your dog to work with our skilled trainers while staying here at our Resort. Consistent training in a controlled environment helps your dog to progress quickly to reach your training goals. A Private Lesson is included in the price and allows us to teach you all you need to know to continue the training at home when your dog’s stay is complete.

Our ability to provide training while boarding is ideal for families that are always on the go, for when you have a vacation planned or you simply have a dog that is tough to handle and you would like our trainers to give your dog a head start.

We find most dogs benefit from a two week enrollment, but we can outline a plan with your specific goals and budget in mind.

Call us at 919-662-3200 for more information or to schedule a trainer consult.

Topics That Stay & Learn Training Can Help Address

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Basic Manners
  • Confidence Building
  • Responsiveness

One week of Stay and Learn: $350 plus the price of boarding. (There are many options for boarding. The base price is $47 a night.)

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