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Doggie Groups


  • Who will my dog be with during the day?
  • How long will my dog play?
  • Is play supervised?
  • How are negative behaviors managed?
  • Do you have webcams?

Who is with my dog during the day?

Your dog will be matched with a group that has similar energy levels and temperament. We have several different groups each day that are divided so that each dog is in the most comfortable group for their behavior. For example: an older dog who enjoys exploring and “mingling” with other dogs would be in a relatively calm group rather than an energetic and playful one. Each group is monitored by at least one staff member. Our Doggie Daycare staff members are constantly playing with dogs and monitoring all behaviors.

How long will my dog play?

Carolina Ranch has several large outdoor play areas for dogs to run around and play in. Each play yard has pool access (excluding very cold winter days) and a variety of toys for dogs to choose from. When a break is needed, we have designated “rest areas” where dogs can stretch out on cots to nap or sunbathe. Most of the play area is covered with lights, fans and water misters. These amenities allow us to operate our Doggie Daycare for longer periods of time, since inclement weather becomes less of a factor. Groups play from 8am-12pm, with a break for lunch and indoor resting from 12pm-1pm, and then groups play again from 1pm-4pm.

How do you manage negative behaviors?

Our staff’s main focus is to make sure all the dogs are playing evenly. We constantly observe the group and intervene any time a dog appears uncomfortable. We use positive methods in our correction process, which usually constitutes a brief leash walk or “time-out” break to calm dogs. If the behavior is above normal correction, the Daycare Supervisor will address these issues with you and develop a plan of action. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of safety while ensuring the dogs have a great time.

Do you have webcams?

Carolina Ranch currently does not have webcams. We try to take as many photos as possible during each day of Doggie Daycare and post them regularly to our Facebook page - Carolina Ranch: Dogwarts Doggie Daycare.


  • Where is my dog when he is not outside?
  • Do you feed and water my dog?

Where is my dog when his group is not out?

Each dog is assigned an indoor Standard Accommodation with a bed, water bowl and food bowl (if you choose to feed during Daycare).

Do you feed and water my dog?

You can bring a lunch for your dog to be given during the middle of the day. We also have several different types of frozen treats you can purchase for your dog at the time of drop-off. Water is always available throughout the day, with an individual water bowl in your dog’s indoor rest area and lots of water buckets and bowls outside in the play yards.


Here are the appropriate forms for owners to complete to start your dog’s Doggie Daycare experience!

Daycare Requirements

There are a few things that are required of all our Doggie Daycare participants. We want to ensure the health and safety of all our Daycare friends, so these items should be on your checklist:

  • Dogs entering our program must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Dogs already established in the program prior to 6 months of age will be monitored up until 9 months of age, at which time they will need to be spayed or neutered.
  • On heartworm and flea/tick prevention
  • Current negative heartworm test (age dependent)
  • Up-to-date on rabies, dhpp (distemper/parvo), and 6-month intranasal bordetella vaccine
  • Up-to-date on fecal exam (internal parasites)

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Also keep in mind that we require an initial Evaluation Day for all new Doggie Daycare participants. This evaluation is an all-day event that should lead to your pet joining a Daycare group for the duration of the day. The process may take most of the day, so drop off your dog in the morning and expect an email or phone call sometime later in the day.

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