Doggie Daycare is offered Monday – Friday with drop-off starting at 7AM & pick-up until 7PM. Saturday Doggie Daycare has a drop-off from 8AM-9AM & pick-up from 5PM-6PM.

The Evaluation

  • What is the evaluation and how is it performed?
  • Why do I need an evaluation?
  • How long does the evaluation take?
  • Can I be there during the evaluation?
Evaluation for Daycare

 What is the evaluation?

The evaluation is an assessment of your dog by the Daycare Supervisor to determine the best group for your dog based on temperament, size and activity level. Every dog is different, so to maximize the success in our program for your dog we need to perform this initial evaluation.

How is the evaluation performed?

The initial introduction is performed at a gradual pace according to each individual dog. Your dog is introduced to the play yard alone for a chance to explore on his own. We also spend time with each dog individually for them to become comfortable with new people. After becoming familiar with the yard and staff, we begin to slowly introduce our test dogs. Test dogs are very well-known to our staff and considered “neutral personalities” who are comfortable in any group type. We continue to add dogs to the test group based on your dog’s comfort level until we have a full play group. As the evaluation continues, your dog may be tried in every group that day in order to give us the best possible feedback.

Groups are divided by size, energy and overall temperament. Throughout the evaluation we will determine which groups might be the best fit for your dog. If we notice any issues during the evaluation, you will be contacted immediately and a plan of action will be discussed. Sometimes a second evaluation day may be necessary based on your dog’s progress during the inital evaluation (this is considered a regular day of Doggie Daycare, not an additional Evaluation Day). Once your dog has completed and passed the evaluation, he is approved for drop-off Doggie Daycare as often as you would like. Appointments are not necessary, and packages may be purchased for future visits.

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Why does my dog need an evaluation?

The evaluation gives your dog a chance to slowly adjust to the new environment (staff, play yards and dogs) at the Ranch. It also gives us the information needed to place your dog into the play group that is the best fit. Even if your dog has been socialized at dog parks or other daycare facilities, new environments can prompt different behaviors. You can rest easy knowing that every other dog your pup interacts with has completed the type of testing for overall safety.

How long does the evaluation take?

The evaluation is completed during a full day of Doggie Daycare. You may drop your dog off in the morning between 7am & 9am, then pick him up between 4pm & 7pm. The evaluation begins slowly and progresses based on each individual dog’s comfort level. We want to try placing your dog in several different group sessions and make sure he has enough time to adjust at his own pace. Rushing the evaluation process and putting dogs in an overwhelming situation can have a negative impact on the Doggie Daycare experience.

Can I be there during the process?

Because dogs typically behave differently with their owners, we require evaluations to take place without the owner present. We wouldn’t want to influence the natural reactions your dog exhibits due to your presence. But don’t worry… the Doggie Daycare staff tries to take photos every day for clients to view on our Facebook page. You can click the link on the right to check out our latest photos.

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Here are the appropriate forms for owners to complete to start your dog’s Doggie Daycare experience!

There are a few things that are required of all our Doggie Daycare participants. We want to ensure the health and safety of all our Daycare friends, so these items should be on your checklist:

  • All dogs are spayed or neutered by 6 months old
  • On heartworm and flea prevention
  • Current negative heartworm test (age dependent)
  • Up-to-date on all vaccines
  • Up-to-date on fecal exam (internal parasites)
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Also keep in mind that we require an initial Evaluation Day for all new Doggie Daycare participants. This evaluation is an all-day event that should lead to your pet joining a Daycare group for the duration of the day. The process may take most of the day, so drop off your dog in the morning and expect an email or phone call sometime later in the day.

Click on the link below for information regarding spaying or neutering your pet:


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