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Day Training With Daycare

Let Your Dog Play Between Training Sessions

Day Training is a great option for those local to The Ranch! Drop your dog off in the morning between 7:00am and 9:00am, Monday through Friday. One of our Master Trainers will work with your dog to teach them what they need to know and then your dog will get to play with all their friends in Doggie Daycare. Don’t worry if your dog isn’t fond of group play. We can still provide Day Training without the social component.

Our Daycare play yards are always supervised and have tons of fun toys to keep your dog happy. Yards are covered for shade and to keep dogs dry if it drizzles. Fans and misters keep everyone cool in the summer.

Pick up your tired pup between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. A Go Home lesson will be scheduled for every 5th day of training. Here you will see what your dog has learned and the trainer will teach you how to maintain the behaviors at home.

One week of Day Training, day boarding, and optional daycare is $495.  (Daycare evaluation fee not included.) A discount is available if you purchase 4 weeks, usable over 6 months and/or multiple dogs.

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What are the benefits of training when I leave my dog for daycare?

There are many benefits of dog training, especially in a daycare setting where they will be able to learn alongside other dogs and socialize with them. Training at doggie daycare can help your dog to become more obedient, more social and it can also help to improve their concentration. A fun and social learning environment can help to make your dog feel more at ease, and it can also help them to learn from other dogs and pick up good habits more easily.

At Carolina Ranch, we have everything your dog needs to feel comfortable and happy in their new learning environment. If you’d like to find out more about our dog training and doggie daycare services, call us today.

How much does dog training cost with daycare?

Carolina Ranch offers day training and day boarding services, with the option of adding on daycare. The cost for a week of day training and day boarding is $495, and we offer a discount if you purchase 4 weeks. Our doggie daycare prices vary, but we have provided a chart that offers you an estimate on how much daycare will be for you.

Carolina Ranch offers day training, day boarding, and daycare services from an expert and friendly staff. For additional information on our services and pricing, contact us today.

Can I train my dog myself?

Doing dog training yourself is a wonderful way to bond with your dog and teach them new commands and tricks. However, there are many benefits to having them professionally trained in addition to training them yourself. Some of these benefits include:

  • Professional dog training can help to improve their social skills, especially in a group training class.
  • A professional dog trainer can teach your dog more complicated commands and correct any bad behavior.
  • Professional dog training can help your dog learn commands and better behaviors at a faster pace.

Carolina Ranch offers a fun learning environment for your dog and high-quality training from our skilled and friendly dog trainers. For more information on our dog training services, call us today.

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