Frequently Asked Questions

What would I need to do to have Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital find me a service dog?
We frequently, although not always, have dogs that already have their basic training done. They are just waiting for the right person to come along who fits their skills. If we don’t have what you need, we will begin searching for your perfect fit with only a minimal deposit of $250. That deposit is non-refundable BUT will be credited toward the dog purchase or training just like the money paid for the consultation.

If I have a dog of my own, how would training it work?
First, the dog must prove capable of doing service work. Many dogs that have been raised as pets have a hard time transitioning to service work. It would be like asking a 40 year old dog trainer to go train to be a Navy SEAL. For dogs that do pass the evaluation, there are a couple of options. Frequently people will leave the dog with Carolina Ranch and the dog doesn’t go back to the owner until the training is complete. Others prefer to be more hands on with the training and so the time training is split between the dog spending time at the Ranch and Private Lessons.

What’s the cost difference between buying a fully trained dog vs. training my current
This is such a hard question to answer. Buying a finished dog versus training them off and on through various programs ends up costing about the same amount of money. The difference is the immediate out of pocket expense. The total out of pocket expense is dependent on what you will want the dog to do for you. (That’s where the consultion comes in.) Typically the cost is  oing to be somewhere between $4,000 and $20,000. While this may seem to be a huge range in price, it is difficult to narrow it down any more than that without knowing exactly what the dog would need to do.

Will my dog be a certified Service Dog when the training is complete?
While there is no national Service Dog certification or registration, all dogs completing training with us will need to pass both public access and handler specific testing. When the testing is successfully completed, you will receive a letter stating that the dog has been “certified” through Carolina Ranch Dog Training through the use of our in-house testing. The dog must pass this testing with both their Trainer and their Handler in multiple environments.

Can’t I just register my dog as a Service Dog online?
The Americans with Disabilities Act specifically states that there is no national registry or certification for Service Dogs. This is an attempt to stop any possible harassment or discrimination for those needing a Service Dog, but unable to pay for possible certification/registration fees that would be imposed.

What is the difference between a Service Dog and a Therapy Dog?
The quick and easy answer to this is that a Service Dog is trained to help one person with a disability that impacts one or more aspects of daily life. These dogs are covered by the ADA and are allowed full public access rights. A Therapy Dog is trained to help MANY people, frequently in a group setting. These dogs provide emotional support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. Therapy Dogs are not covered by the ADA and are not given public access rights. To add another layer, there are also ESA – Emotional Support Animals. These animals help someone simply by being present. They have no specific training and are not given public access rights through the ADA.

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For more information on the laws protecting Service Dogs and their Handlers, or to learn more about your rights as business owner, please see the US Department of Justice’s ADA Requirements publication regarding Service Animals <HERE>